KAMPO 漢方 1991.  

KAMPO 漢方 1991. 

How the Japanese Updated Traditional Herbal Medicine
Akira Tsumura, the Author 

About the Author :
Akira Tsumura has unique qualifications to brief us in the Western world
on the history and benefits of Japanese herbal medicine.
The pharmaceutical firm he heads has a long family tradition.
Tsumura, Inc. was founded by his grandfather, Jusha Tsumura,
and has diversified to become the leading supplier of herbal medicinals.
Sub-sidiaries in the United States are well-known distributors
of health and beauty care products.

At Tsumura, Inc. scientists using the latest technology
are testing the properties of various ancient Kampo medication.
In the Tokyo suburb of Tsuchiura, the firm has constructed a modern,
high-tech factory using robots for difficult research procedures.

The auther also has a warm appreciation of the needs
and attitudes of the American people. 
His interest in Western culture has remained strong since he pursued a degree 
in business management at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. 
He has formed his own Dixieland jazz group in Japan, the Storyville Dandies !!! 
His collection of vintage banjoes is the best in the world. 

President & Chairman.
Akira Tsumura

KAMPO 漢方 1991. 


1001 BANJOS. Akira Tsumura.


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